I return from Scotland to an earthquake in Bandung, very little help from government, our relief efforts.

Earthquake Relief in Cibeureum and Pangalengan – Bandung District.

I returned from Scotland, two days after there was an earthquake in our working area, our school was only slightly damaged, thankfully all my friends were unhurt.
The damage in the above areas is extensive, more than 17,000 families left homeless, living in tents and the situation made more difficult with the rainy season imminent. The children are cold, wet and hungry.

The Government are helping, but the food supply is not even enough to feed a family for a day.
Our team have been helping from the beginning, first with rescue, then clear up and distribution. We are organizing extra rice supplies, doctors and medicines as well as school programs. We also have a trauma consultant working with us.

We are very grateful for any help offered, in free time or donations.