Legoc school is doing well, working with Happy Hearts and Mum Foundation, 2 new projects to help earthquake relief.

Hello there everybody.

Legoc school is doing great, computer classes and English classes running smoothly and new kindergarten class starts on 1st March running four days a week. I am excited about this as no preschool education in our area, a teacher moved into the village and is giving her time free for three months until we can get established.

The school is being kept clean and tidy, garden neat, and re-painting done when necessary. Our only problem was unstable electricity so we rewired the whole school on our last visit. The coconut project and cow project are both running efficiently, helping with running costs for the school.

The kindergarten rebuild with Happy Hearts and Mum Foundation is amazing. We have really 4 in remote areas, villages who have little chance of help coming from other NGOs. It is wonderful to see the children’s faces when they enter the new buildings with colourful furniture, play equipment, and a fantastic playground. It makes all the work worthwhile. We hope Happy Hearts will continue with this project for many months.
The situation in earthquake camps is little changed, many people trying to rebuild their houses themselves, their government money has still not arrived, others are still in the tents in the horrendous conditions. With help from BCC ladies group in Jakarta we have been providing baby milk, medicine, warm clothes and blankets on a regular basis.

At the moment we are looking for funding to build a bamboo house for one of our team’s family, no one should live in these conditions.
We have two small projects on the go to help the earthquake victims to help themselves. Many lost their jobs as a result and therefore their children cannot go to school, no money for uniforms or fees.

Project one: is helping to groups of women to buy and sell clothes on a credit scheme, only being running for two months but looks successful.

Project two: is a rabbit breeding program, we provided start-up or five families, hoping in the long run to get the children back into education.

As always I am grateful for your continuing support, for helping me to bring hope into the lives of the children. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Val and the team.