FlyFree and kindergarten classes running smoothly, the Merapi volcano erupts, tsunami hits the island of Mentawai, we send 2 teams, resourcefullness of Indonesians.

Hi everyone.

I have returned to Java after a lovely visit to Scotland to see family and friends.

At first things were quiet and running smooth, the FlyFree school is doing great, our new kindergarten classes are very successful, giving the younger village children an early education is very important to their futures. The children are happy and noisy and very cute in their uniforms. Computer and English classes have good student numbers. The money raised in the summer bought 4 new computers as well as paint and repairs to the school.

Inverurie Academy provided good pounds which bought puzzles, books, paper, crayons and toys, also computers and teachers, desks and chairs for both class rooms. The playground equipment is ordered and we will have to build a fence to keep bigger kids from destroying the equipment, so more news next letter.
The coconut grove is supplying funds to the school every month.

The cow project is running smooth – plans are to sell in feb or march.

Then in October all changed when Indonesia was hit by two huge disasters. The Merapi volcano erupted in central Java and an earthquake and tsunami hit the island of Mentawai off the West Sumatra coast. We were not directly affected but felt the tremors and sometimes ash appears even though we are 250 miles away.

We have sent out two rescue teams, 18 guys to Mentawai, and 20 guys to Merapi  to help the people. Thanks to Marilyn and Bill Rodger who have sent us operational funds.

Many families are now homeless, their farms destroyed, no way of making a living. It will take a long time for land to recover from the lava and tsunami destruction.
I find the Indonesian people very resourceful in the face of disaster, the children always ready with a smile. Our team of volunteers are all young Indonesian men from ordinary families, many without jobs or money who are willing to give their time and energy to help the people after natural disasters. They collected funds on the city streets before they went to buy rice and noodles for the children.

Again I am asking for your help and support for the children of Indonesia. We wish to supply rice, baby milk, and blankets as we have done in the past. All donations will go directly to our team to buy supplies for the families in desperate need. If you wish to donate please send to Nationwide Account.

Mrs. V. K. Whyte
Account no:  02559611
Sort code:  07 – 01 – 16
or through PayPal, information is on our website

Thanks you in anticipation.

Val and the team