Update on FlyFree, good news on charity reg, rescue work in west and central Java, environmental projects, new project to help the street kids in Bandung city.

Hello everyone, here is the latest update on safe haven projects.

First the good news – we are now a Scottish registered charity, reg number SCO 41905 and the kindergarten at Flyfree school has government reg. At last we might get a little help with funds for the school.

Everything at Flyfree School is running smoothly, funds coming from the coconut grove project, help with monthly cost and computer equipment has been bought with funds raised by the rent a cow project, both enterprises very successful.

Computer and English classes are well attended, craft and sewing classes popular, field trips to plant trees always full, our bit to help global warming.

The two kindergarten classes are a great success, now we have four teachers as numbers keep increasing. We hold healthy eating classes on a Thursday with the mothers and children, and the new play ground equipment is being well used, great to see the children having fun.

All the equipment, school furniture, computers and books were bought with funds raised by our supporters, a big thank you to all.

We have had a few problems with earthquake tremors, extra computer repairs, building repairs, but glad to say nothing drastic. The team have been kept busy with rescue work after earthquakes, tsunami, volcano eruption and floods in West Java, providing shelters and supplies to help the victims.

Our latest project is helping the street kids in a town on the outskirts of Bandung city. We provide free basic education, fun games and a meal of rice and veg. When we have funds we were given a free building to use but unfortunately it is now being sold and we have to move out. We are looking for another building in the same area. The team give their time free to teach these kids, their daily life consist of collecting plastic from the streets or rubbish dumps to sell, hopefully enough to buy their ‘daily rice for all the family. It is important to us to bring a little light into their lives.

To finish on a happy note, more than 60% of our students have found jobs – in offices, stores or in tourist industry. Some even went to college, this is unusual in Legok as parents can’t afford the fees. This makes us very proud as this was our aim in the beginning, education opens doors to a brighter future.

Thank you all for your support and donations please help us to bring education to as many Indonesian children as we can.

The team and I are eternally grateful.