Help needed for Bandung Street Kids project.

We need help with the street kids project, the building we are using is being sold, we do not have the money to rent another place. We started off with 6 kids, now 26 kids one month later. These kids have never gone to school, their lives consist of collecting plastic to sell, rooting through rubbish heaps to get enough money to buy rice for the family, their only hope is education.

Their living conditions are poor, many live in shacks in the flood area, in rainy season every time its rains their houses floods, but they have no where else to go.

The parents do not think education important, survival on the streets is not easy for them, we hope to educate the parents in time maybe help to get some of the children into mainstream school.

We teach basic reading, counting, spelling ect, as well as fun and games, very important, and supply a meal of rice and veg, we are looking sponsors to help us educate these children and improve their lives.

FlyFree school recognised by Indonesian government, some help possible, classes are very popular, helping the street kids, high success rate for our leaving students.

Hello everyone.

Exciting news! We are thrilled that we finally have our charity registered in Scotland, the number is SCO 41905 and this will enable people to donate and get tax free deductions. Flyfree school has also been recognised by the Indonesian government so it is possible we may to get a little help from them in the way of books and school supplies …. Fingers crossed!!!!

Flyfree school gets better and better. Everything at the school is running smoothly, funds coming from the Coconut Grove project help towards monthly costs and some computer equipment has been purchased with funds raised by the rent a cow project. Both of these initiatives are very successful, so thank you one and all for your support. We have so many eager children attending the computer and English lessons and are all so keen to learn and improve their skills in both of these fields. Our craft and sewing classes are also hugely successful and the children are so happy to make little leather bracelets knowing that the sale of these will go towards improving their school and their futures.

Kindergarten classes are a great success. As the number of students have increased so rapidly, we have had to also increase the number of teachers and we now have four very proactive and dedicated ‘gurus’.

On Thursdays, parents and children welcome the healthy eating classes, learning about good nutrition and hygiene.

The playground equipment is just fabulous and you cannot begin to imagine how much fun the children are having now that they have this outdoor play year. Again, thank you to all of you who support us and enable this to happen.

Also the new school furniture has been a delight to both students and teachers. Finally, they can keep their classrooms tidy and have lovely desks to work from. As most of you know all, our computers are mostly second-hand and fabulous as they are in constant need of repair and replacement.

Our latest project is helping the Street kids in a town on the outskirts of Bandung City. These poor children exist by collecting plastic from the streets and rubbish dumps in the hope of buying rice for their families. We try to bring a little light into their lives by teaching them English, playing fun games, and giving them much needed individual attention. A kind businessman was allowing us to use his premises but sadly he has had to sell his property and we now need somewhere for these children to go.

To finish on a happy note, we are so thrilled that many of our students have successfully been able to go into the workforce finding employment in offices, stores and tourist industry. A few have even managed to go to college inspired by their computer and English skills. This is what it is all about, giving these children hope for the brighter future. We are SO proud that we are seeing such fabulous results. AGAIN, thanks to all of you who have helped make this possible and help us to improve the lives of children here in Indonesia.

We can never express our thanks enough.

Until next time ……