Fly Free School, Coconut grove, Cow project, Sheep project, Street kids project, appeal for sponsoring children. Also a full photo record of our recent trip on behalf of Menanam Pohon Merintis Masa Depan, the Tree Planting Project.

Fly Free school is running successfully and efficiently, again we have 2 boys attending college, very unusual from village life, many more are now in full time work using their computer and English skills.

Kindergarten teachers are doing great job, the kids happy and noisy but learning at amazing rate, they loved the play equipment we gave them last term, it is the only playground in the village, so well used, we repainted the equipment and build a new fence to protect against the weather and bigger kids using the playground.

The coconut grove funds the school on daily basics and the cow project helps to buy computers, we managed to buy 2 new computers from our share of the profit but we need to replace many more as they are Pentium 3 and out of date, hard to us to find spare parts.
The families looking after the calves were delighted with their share of the profit to help feed and educate their children, life as rice farmer is a daily struggle.

New sheep project : This project is the same as the cow project but the investment is much lower, 60 pounds for a sheep and 40 pounds for shed to house the sheep, it is not safe to leave out at night, anyone interested in investing please email me at

Tree planting : We have been participating in government scheme to replant devastated areas, our team joined local students to plant out the trees supplied by government, so far we have been involved in three different areas, our bit help for global warming.

Street kid’s project : We have rented a building for a year, the team repairing and painting to keep costs down. We now are up and running, teaching basic education, playing games and showing them how to recycle plastic bags into goods for the home, mats, curtains, and bags. I was very impressed by our volunteer’s teaching skills. We also give them a meal of rice and vegetable when funds are available; we would like to feed daily but would need sponsors on a monthly basis. To keep this project going we need your support, we are looking for sponsors for the group of 31 kids or individual children, photo available, a small amount of regular funds goes along way here and would make such a big  difference to the children’s lives. The whole project is run by volunteers so all funds go to the children.

We have a new website Charity bank account on website or email me at

hank you for your continuing support

Val and Team.