A stormy journey; kindergarten play equipment and sports day; cow and sheep project; coconut grove continues to provide funding; music for the street kids.

Update FlyFree school : After a long journey we arrive at the school to a rain storm and no electric, normal at this time of year, the sea is very rough and it is too dangerous for the fishing boats to go out, next day was beautiful so I had a long walk on an empty beach, but the sea was still very wild.

The kindy students had a colouring competition and we gave out prizes, great excitement. The play equipment is a bit hit with the children and used every day, looks good with new coat of paint and fence that we repaired last trip. They have a sports day every Wednesday, using house hold items to make the games, very noisy but great fun.

The wonderful new is that 7 of our ex students have gone to college, seems our message is getting through, that education is important and secures a better future for them.

Cow project, our first calf has been born at Legok, she is beautiful so the care taker called her Cantik which means beautiful in Indonesian
The sheep project is also working well, we have many requests from locals to be care takers.

We checked on the coconut grove, long trip into the jungle on the motor bike in and out of narrow tracks, the boys climb the trees to harvest the coconuts and then they are sold in the city, providing funding for the school every month.

Street kids project : We have bought 1 second hand computer and are starting lessons with the children, also 2 of our guys are teaching music to the older kids, guitar and singing , the feeding program is working well, with 1 of the volunteers teaching the children how to cook.

Ok thats all the news for this month, going home to my house for some peace and quiet,
very hard to find in Java !!!!!!!!!!!!!!