It’s the rainy season again; dam bursts; dangerous waters; evacuating families and emergency supplies.

This month the rainy season has started with continual rain from morning to night, many roads flooded and blocked by landslides. The guys are kept busy helping the villagers to higher ground as the water rose to 3 and 4 metres.

This happens every year but the villagers have nowhere else to live, so they just accept it as a fact of life. A clean up job means clothes, bedding etc have to be dried out and used again, as of course there’s no money for replacement.

Then disaster hit in a big way, a dam up in the hill burst its banks and flooded a large area, hundreds of houses swept away, 32 people missing, many injured and homeless. Our rescue guys went to help but were delayed – landslides blocking the roads meant getting to the area was very difficult. I have never seen anything like it, the conditions so bad all emergency help was delayed.

Eventually base camps were set up, families out of the rain, food and medical supplies provided. rescue work was slow because of the amount of water but everyone did the best they could in a difficult situation. This went on for 7 days before it was under control.

Many families had to move away from the area as their homes were completely destroyed. Our guys supplied clothes, rice and baby milk and helped to move the families to safer areas. Because of the heavy rain and flooding our guys are kept busy for 4 or 5 months of the year.