Update on Legok school and kindergarten, Ma’s Fly Free School, and rescue team

Legok school has now been running for 9 years, I am proud to say successfully. Most of our original students have found jobs, many have gone onto college to became teachers and office workers. The biggest accomplishment is the change of attitude of the parents, they now realize that education is important and that it gives the family long term security, it is the children’s responsibility to look after the parents in old ages as no social help from the government.

sport day
Sports day.

I was delighted on my arrival at the school. Five of the first Legok student boys come to visit me, all had good jobs – three were teachers, one in government office and one in police office, it was wonderful to see them confident and happy. (see more pictures of our successful students in the Gallery).

Sigit, one of our many successful students

The kindergarten has been running for 3 years and is now one of the best in the region, the children winning trophies for maths, poetry and sport. The teachers are dedicated and forward thinking.

legok flyfree kindy
Our kindergarten is a great success.

Ma’s Flyfree school has been running for 2 years teaching all ages from kindergarten to high school pupils, basic education and English classes as well as music, art and local games to develop creativity and confidence. Our aim is to improve this education centre by offering training in English, computer study and business management to senior students, We are offering a program especially for girls as parents still think girls don’t need education. Our program will include sewing classes, hairdressing, cooking and computers, giving them the knowledge to earn a living and help the family, live in the villages is hard for girls without education but this program we hope to improve their lives.

The Fly Free center is also the base for rescue team, who continually assist when flooding hits the area. On a regular basis, rescuing the children and older generation and taking them to higher ground to sleep in the mosque until the water resides and then they have to go back to their homes as nowhere else to go. This happens regularly in the rainy season. The team also assist in all the major national disasters, whether landslides, volcano eruption, earthquake or tsunami. The team is now recognized by the government and national search and rescue department, a great achievement, I am very proud to say.

rescue team
The rescue team hold a training exercise

From a small beginning with the help of Scottish people we have changed the lives of our team and many children. The future is brighter for everyone.