Thousands homeless, we hand out food and medicine, FlyFree school buys coconut orchard.

Up to date news about the Safe Haven team’s involvement in the earthquake recovery program :

We visited some of the people in their makeshift tents. It was heartbreaking to see the condition they are living in. Disease can’t be far away. In one area 2 families were living in a tent on the gravesite as the farmer wanted to plant his land and they had nowhere else to go. In this tent are 4 small children plus 3 newborn babies. Twin girls and baby boy as well as parent and grandparent. These families were very poor before the earthquake and have no hope of rebuilding their houses unless the government help.

The government is so slow to do anything.
In Area 1 : 3,000 houses destroyed
In Area 2 : 10,000 houses destroyed
So many families will suffer during the rainy season.

We do what we can – supplying extra rice, sardines, baby milk, second hand clothes and blankets. They are so grateful for anything they get. Our team use local schoolchildren to help with delivery as access is often difficult. It is good experience for them to be involved and to learn to care for those less fortunate than themselves.

We have been given the go ahead and funding to build kindergartens with the possibility of more later on. Without education these children have a dismal future. Education is their only hope of getting out of poverty.

We have purchased a coconut grove beside the school and have sold our first crop of coconuts.  The profit will be used for running cost for the FlyFree school. We have put up a plaque in the school building to thank lnveruie Academy for their support. Students supporting students is a great concept and we are very grateful for their continuing support.

We are also very grateful to all our sponsors. We appreciate your help in caring for the children in Java.

“See with Your Heart
Feel with your Heart
Act with Your Heart ”

Thank you for acting with your heart