arthquake tremors, flash flooding and landslides; rescue work, recovering bodies; kindergarten sports day; street kids project, traditional dancing.

Java has been a very unsettled country this month, earthquake tremors and flash flooding, leading to many landslides, the team have been involved in rescue work, moving the people out of their houses when the water levels kept rising to more than one and a half meters. Illegal logging has contributed to the land slide problem causing erosion onto the villages, the team helped to recover 10 bodies and transfer the remaining villagers to safety.

On a happier note, we visited the Fly Free School to participate in the kindergarten sport day and give out prizes.

At the street kids project we know have many volunteers giving their time to educate the kids, as well as a program of traditional Sundaneese dancing and computer study.

Our aim is that we can repeat the successful education system as our fly free school in Legok.