At last the rain has stopped; park outing with street kids; resue mission to site of plane crash; English language class competition…a great prize.

This month, at last the daily rain has stopped, no more wet trips on the motor bike, no more flooding in the street kids area (we hope).

Our team went on a rescue mission into the jungle to find a plane which had crashed. They found the crash site and recovered the bodies, sad to say no survivors.

We had an outing to a park with the street kids, picnic lunch, fun and games, the outing was enjoyed by all. We use public transport – a great expedition with 30 kids, not one I enjoyed, give me the motorbike any day!

In my English class we held the competition to find the best 2 students, the prize was a meal in western restaurant, this is an impossible dream for all of the students, coming from poor families in the villages. We had a delicious meal out and this gave great pleasure to the students.

I will return to Scotland at the end of the month to do some much needed fundraising and see family and friends. The team will continue with all projects, Apuk will keep us up-to-date by email. I really appreciated their loyalty and support and always being my bodyguard !!!!!