Back to the heat of Java; Bill Rodger visits from Scotland; a little sight-seeing then we visit all the projects.

After a long journey I arrive back in Java. The kids were excited to see me and sang me a lovely welcome – ”You Are My Everything”. I was very emotional. Lovely to see their smiles, Java children are very beautiful. The heat was a bit of a shock. After my Scottish summer, I will have to adapt again.

This year we had our first visitor from Scotland, Bill Rodger who came to look round all the projects. First we traveled to Legok to visit Fly Free school, a long rough journey although the roads have much improved since the tsunami time. The children love to see visitors, we gave out healthy snacks, fruit is cheap and plentiful in Java. The children sang songs and introduced themselves, very cute.

Next we visited our cow ‘Kindness’ and her calf (part of the cow project ). The calf is big and strong, the farmer very proud of her. We also have a sheep project so that was next on the list for a visit. Legok is a beautiful area near to the beach so we all went on scooter bikes to show our visitor the lovely views, good to relax after long journey, travel in Java always difficult.

Next day we continued our journey to the main cow project area in Bumbulang, up in the hills, better for the cattle and sheep and cooler for us. I bring all the knitwear and blankets knitted by the ladies in Scotland with me, this area is very cold at nights and the mothers really appreciate the extra warmth. This project helps the poor farmers as well as providing funds for the schools.

Next we traveled back to the street kids project where we helped in handing out the food to the children. We provide healthy meals and snacks (milk and fruit) depending on funds available. Their smiling faces make it all worth while. The building is in very poor condition so we are looking for something better.