Help needed for Bandung Street Kids project.

We need help with the street kids project, the building we are using is being sold, we do not have the money to rent another place. We started off with 6 kids, now 26 kids one month later. These kids have never gone to school, their lives consist of collecting plastic to sell, rooting through rubbish heaps to get enough money to buy rice for the family, their only hope is education.

Their living conditions are poor, many live in shacks in the flood area, in rainy season every time its rains their houses floods, but they have no where else to go.

The parents do not think education important, survival on the streets is not easy for them, we hope to educate the parents in time maybe help to get some of the children into mainstream school.

We teach basic reading, counting, spelling ect, as well as fun and games, very important, and supply a meal of rice and veg, we are looking sponsors to help us educate these children and improve their lives.