Buy a Cow or a Sheep

One of our most successful projects has been Buy a Cow. This scheme has a double benefit – it raises funds for the school, and also provides some income for a poor local family. In 2010, our profit was 8 million rupiah, enough to buy 2 new Pentium core 2 duo computers. Here’s how it works:

a farmer raises 2 calves in the ‘sponsor a cow’ scheme

You donate to Safe Haven Projects the money to buy a cow.
We house the cow with a local farmer who fattens it up over a period of one year.
The cow is then sold for a profit which is shared between the farmer and the charity.

feeding a cow

The project has now been extended to include sheep. As of November 2011, we have 14 cows and 4 sheep. The cow at the school village is pregnant so hopefully a calf will arrive in March, increasing profits further.

one of the first additions to our 'sponsor a sheep' scheme
one of the first additions to our ‘sponsor a sheep’ scheme

The cost of a cow is 350 pounds which includes building a shed – a necessary expense in a poor area like this where sometimes things disappear overnight! For 100 pounds, we can buy 2 sheep and a shed.

If you or your business would like to help us with this scheme, please contact us through the website, or you can get directly in touch with Val.

Val with one of the families who will benefit from this scheme