I return from Scotland, search for a building in Bandung.

I returned to West Java after 3 months in Scotland, delighted to see everyone again and the mosquitoes happy to see me. I am sure they said “good she’s back now we can get a good Scottish feed”. It took me a week to recover from jet lag and adapt to the heat, summer in Scotland did not happen this year!!!!!

The first job was looking for a building for the new street kids project, not an easy task as it had to be in a very populated area, where the kids collect the plastic and rubbish daily. Our aim is to teach basic reading and writing – we have volunteer teachers willing to give their time on a rota basis. We also hope to provide a meal of rice and vegetables for the kids.

We have 26 kids waiting for us to start classes again, the guys from the team also play games and football with them to bring some joy into their lives.

The bad news is its rice 3 times a day, – I miss my mince and tatties!