New English classes – teenagers come to my home to learn; a visitor to the Street Kids project: 2 computers donated; a birthday treat; looking forward to a trip to Scotland.

I am now teaching English conversation at a local vocational school. Many of the students understand English but only a few of them speak clearly and are very shy to speak to Westerners. I am the first Western person they have come in contact with. The school helps the students to get jobs in hotels and on cruise ships so speaking English is essential for them. At first I was nervous but soon found that I enjoyed the interaction with the teenagers. As part of the program I arranged for the students to visit my house, ten students at a time over a four week period. The object of this was that they had to speak English all day, cook lunch themselves and ask about life in a western home, it was good fun and all seemed to enjoy the visit, asking when they could come again.

Street kids project : This month we had a visit from my friend Max, who is my hairdresser in Bali, the kids put on a show of singing and dancing before having a picnic lunch together. Max was very interested in the project and has offered to help feed the children, we are eternally grateful for his help.

We are starting a program in computer study for the older children, this has helped the students at FlyFree school Legok to get jobs so we want to copy the success. A friend of Max called Annie donated us funds to buy 2 second hand computers to get us started, the children are really excited and can’t wait to start. A big thank you to Annie.

At the end of the month I went to Bali for my Visa, a long slow but necessary process. While in Bali my friend Alison treated me to a holiday at a beach resort for my birthday next month, it was wonderful, relaxing and swimming in clear blue sea. I can’t thank her enough, it was a very kind gift, I enjoyed every minute as you can see by the photos.

I have started the countdown to returning home to Scotland at the end of May, looking forward to seeing all my family and friends and driving about Scotland, the traffic is crazy here, and maybe have a dram or two, Java a very dry country in many ways !!!!!!!!!!!!!

All for now catch up next month Val