Project Farm

Invests in farm animals and a coconut grove, providing ongoing funds for the charity and nutrition for the children and communities.

We buy, raise and sell cows, sheep, goats and poultry and coconuts.

This project needs:

Improved facilities
Increased investment in livestock

We invest some of the money we raise in schemes which provide continuous funding. We have bought a coconut grove, selling coconuts every month with funds going to the school.

collecting coconuts to sell in the market

Our cow project has also been a great success – kind contributors in Scotland sponsor a cow which we raise and fatten for one year before selling at a profit.

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Val with a farmer from the ‘sponsor a cow’ project

We now have 14 cows and are expanding the scheme to include sheep. Please visit our How You Can Help page if you would like to learn more about sponsoring a cow or sheep.

recent additions to our ‘sponsor a sheep’ project

By making our projects partially self-sustaining, we have been able to expand our efforts to other areas which desperately need our help, such as giving the street kids hope for the future. Our aim is to eventually make all the projects completely self-sustaining.