Project Fly Free

Provides education for 3 – 16 year olds.

This project needs:

Improved facilities at current school
Additional teachers at current school
Additional schools

The school has gone from 6 pupils on opening in 2006 to 96 pupils in 2012.

schoolkids and teachers
some of the younger pupils and their teachers

Our first project was to build and equip the Fly Free Centre which was used as a shelter and school in the aftermath of the earthquakes.  Many children were left orphaned or homeless but all  are now back with family members, so the building is used full time for education.

Fly Free school

We teach computer study and English on a daily basis, we also have 2 kinder garden classes started in 2010.

computer class

All education is free for the poorer families. Our aim is to help them to help themselves – education is the way forward. Our students at Fly Free school are taught to a high standard and we are proud to announce that 60% of our leaving students have jobs. This is an amazing record in Java.

villagers and school
villagers gathered outside the school