Project Street Kids

Provides children of all ages a place off the street, food and education.

This project needs:

To provide regular food supplies
Improved education supplies
Improved facilities
Improved resources

There is a desperate need to help the street kids in the city of Bandung. These kids have never gone to school, their lives consist of collecting plastic to sell, rooting through rubbish heaps to get enough money to buy rice for the family.

street kids collecting rubbish

Their living conditions are poor, many live in shacks in the flood area, and in rainy season their houses flood every time it rains but they have no where else to go. Their only hope is education.

street kids

We rented a building for a year but then had to move out. We found another which we cleaned and painted, and used for a further year but we did not have long term security there. In 2013, with generous funding from the Rodger family, we built and opened a new school which is named Ma’s Fly Free School in memory of Val’s dear friend and helper Marilyn Rodger who died in 2012.

Mas Fly Free School 06
Ma’s Fly Free school opened in 2013

We teach basic reading, counting, spelling etc, as well as fun and games, very important, and supply a meal of rice and veg. If you would like to be a sponsor to help us educate these children and improve their lives, you can find out more from our Sponsor a Child page.

Street kids getting an opportunity to better themselves
Street kids getting an opportunity to better themselves