Recovering from food poisoning, experiences with a local healer, feeding programme for street kids started, the team work on street cleaning.

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay this month, I have been sick with a tummy bug after eating bad food, maybe cooked in old oil, first time this has happened so really I am lucky. I went to a local traditional healer for 6 treatments and I’m feeling a lot better now. It was an amazing experience, he put his hand on the source of the pain and draws the disease into his body, then spits blood out of his mouth into a bowl, bit scary first time, he treats 5 people in one night, so the blood can’t be his or he would die! When the disease is cured nothing come out his mouth. He cures cancer and many serious diseases. It was a very humbling experience and leaves you feeling hopeful and energized.

On a happier note …. Our street kids project is a success, the kids come everyday for education and games, the feeding program started in chaos with everyone pushing and grabbing the food, frightened there was not enough to go round, now we have order, they all realize there will always be enough to share. Fruit is a great success but getting them to eat veg is difficult, so we have to be clever and disguise it in other foods. Next we plan to introduce milk into their diet, but afraid it will have to be flavored as they don’t like the taste of pure milk. The kids call me Ibu Valerie, which means mother valerie, very sweet, they always make me smile.

The guys in the team have a program clearing rubbish from the village streets, working with local high school students, very smelly job but makes a big impact on the environment. On this occasion the local government helped fund the event.

February we will have all the FlyFree school news.