Return from snowy Scotland; a date is set to occupy our new building; new land for cows project; plans for a new coconut plantation.

Its time for me to return to Java, ready to go, lots to do, only had one wish before i leave Scotland, to see real snowfall, well I got my wish, on my last day I woke up to a pure clean white world, took my dog for a walk, I was in heaven, even enjoyed the cold.

Next day was not so good as flights were delayed in Scotland and Paris making my journey longer, arriving in Java to heavy rain and flooded roads, but at least the rain was warm.

Good to be back with the kids, gifts from Audrey a great treat.

Best news ever. We made the deal on the new building and paid the deposit on 25th Jan, take over on 14 Feb, Marilyn’s birthday, our gratitude and grateful thanks to the Rodger family. The new building will be used to educate the street kids, and also as an office and training centre for the rescue team.

We also bought some land for the cow project so that all the cows will be in the one place, we will plant trees on the land which will bring in income in a few years time, the fund were again donated by the Rodger family. I hope to add photos of the new building and land soon.