Update on 2nd school, named Ma’s Fly Free school; our Legok school is now largest kindergarten in the region; more flooding in the rainy season; new land for cows, trees, and rice

The Safe Haven Projects team are delighted to announce the opening of our second Fly Free School.  Fly Free is our educational project which educates children from age Three up to the age of Sixteen.  The new Fly Free School, named Ma’s Fly Free School, will also house the YKPA headquarters, and cover all the existing, and very successful Street Kids Projects in the area.

Legok School Report : Now officially the largest kindergarten in the region, we recently won 2nd place in the full regional schools colouring competitions. Also added to our curriculum for the coming year we are delighted to offer all children in 12+ age group a brand new sports development programme, with football and volleyball included in the new programme.

New Land for Cows, Trees and Rice : In support of Ma’s Fly Free School, we have also purchased a splendid plot of land in Bungbulang. The land will allow us to increase our livestock numbers, increase our plantations, begin to grow black rice and with a natural spring on site. With this development we are looking to increase our fund raising and animal investment, so thanks to all those new investors and donators willing to help us increase our stock, and start the new farming projects, it is your initial help that will allow the locals to learn the skills to develop their communities, and deliver results for themselves.

So Much damage and devastation, the team have been stretched again through out this rainy season in Indonesia, land slides and flooding have devastated the area, and the YKPA search and rescue boys have been stretched to the limit saving lives, and helping communities recover from the events. Huge thanks to all those who helped in supplying  items, shelter, food, and money to allow our dedicated team to make the difference.