We find a building in Bandung for Street Kids project, buy 2 sheep, visit cow project, donate to kindergarten, rainy season begins.

At the beginning of month we found a building for the Street kids project at a reasonable price, much to our delight. It needs a lot of work, repairs and painting but the guys will do all the work to keep costs down. Only thing I insisted on was new toilet and tiles, Indonesian toilets are in a class of their own !!!!

We have bought 2 sheep, paid for by a kind investor and built a shed to keep them in. A local family will look after the sheep and then we will share the profit, this is like a life line for these village families, a hope that life will improve instead of the daily struggle to find money to feed the children. If you would like to help them by investing, please contact me by email, valwhyte@hotmail.co.uk

In the middle of the month we made a visit to the Cow project, 6 hrs run on the motor bike, thankfully no rain as most of the way was like a OFF ROAD EXPERIENCE , did’nt want to sit down for hours. have to say the views were wonderful, rice terraces and tea farms as well as natural jungle — all in 1 day.

Happy to report this project is very successful, we now have 13 calves and our share of the profit this time is enough to buy 2 new computers for the Fly Free school. we are having problems finding spare parts for our Pentium 3 computers and would like to upgrade to Pentium 4, our funds are low so if anyone out there would like to help, please contact me.

As well as providing much needed funds for the school this project helps the poor families who look after them, at last they can send their children to school, manage to pay for uniform and books, they realize how important education is and want a better future for them

We also visited a kindergarten, 56 kids, being held in the chief’s house, they had absolutely nothing to teach with so we provided, books, pencils and puzzles for them, the teachers were in tears, they are really grateful, so little means so much.
This project is in a different area from our Fly Free school.

Rainy season has now started making travel more difficult, wet and cold is the order of the day, what i would give for a good Scottish fire and a hot toddy, both thing hard to find in Java, have to settle for a nice hot cup of tea, one of the great things about living here is tea is given free if you buy something to eat and fruit is very cheap and tasty.

Ok, all for now, next month we will open the street kids school and take the computers to the fly free school.