We find a placement for our special needs boy and make progress with the glue-sniffing boys; an ex-pupil starts his own business; outing to the park; tree planting.

This month we have some success stories. We found a placement for our special needs boy in a local school, free of charge, thanks to our guys’ negotiating skills. This will help to make his life brighter and improve his skills.

We had a problem with some of the older boys sniffing glue. They do this to stop the hunger pains, but thanks to regular healthy food, advice and care from the team this habit has stopped.

From Fly Free school, one of the students has started a computer repair business in Bandung city and another boy is going to college to learn social study. We took the kids on an outing to the local park, some greenery in their lives, we played games and had picnic, exhausting but great fun.

The team had a field trip with local students, 60 of them, to plant trees, teaching them to take care of their environment.

At the end of October the Legok Fly free school and the street kids school held Halloween parties for the kids, face painting, fun and games, fruit and cake, enjoyed by us all, good memories are made of happy times

I am getting used to the ground shaking, many small earthquakes at this time of year but so far no big disasters, it is funny what becomes acceptable after a few years in Java !!!