Winter in Scotland; Marilyn’s family donate a building; exciting times ahead; Apuk and team continue the rescue work in Indonesia.

I returned to Scotland, the first winter there for 7 years, excited to see family and friends at this time of year and have Christmas with my granddaughters, not sure how I will cope with the cold but really hoping to see some snow.

As you know my dear friend and trustee of the charity, Marilyn Rodger died last year, her family wish to continue her work and donate a building to educate the street kids and start a kindergarten group. We found a suitable building so now meetings with lawyers etc. have to happen, as this is in Indonesia we must be clear and legal to secure the building. The building will also be used as an office and a training center for the rescue team, it is so exciting for us, as we wish to recreate the success we have accomplished in Legok Fly Free school. It is a reward for all my guys hard work as volunteers, gives us status in Java and lets us move forward with joy and appreciation. We hope to close the deal in Feb and move the kids in in March.

While I am in Scotland the rescue team under Apuk’s leadership has been kept busy due to all the flooding, using a dingy boat provided by the Rodger family, they ferried families from their homes to higher ground, the mosque’s being used as shelters. It is a continual job in the rainy season, afraid the Government do little to help the situation.